Tuesday, 20 March 2018

BrendonW - Three Giant Cyclops

3 x 28mm scale Giants from Puppet Wars, Resin.

I was hoping to get more than this completed but my city came under attack from a Category 2 Cyclone. Winds recorded around 130km/h. It was a wild few hours that resulted in a big clean up afterwards. The wind waged war against trees and lots of trees lost the battle.

Anyway here are three Giants for my Kings of War Goblin army. Two required arms glued on and then filling. I am not a fan of miniatures that require gap filling and that has delayed them a long time. However I really liked the character these three Cyclopian dudes have.

Painting large areas of skin tone is challenging after mainly painting 28mm infantry. I went with three slightly different tones. I gloss varnished the eyes and mouth areas. In retrospect I could have made an attempt at painting the eyes looking down but in the position they are in the viewer cops a good look over. These are not as big as that GW plastic Giant and the rock thrower (who I considered could be used as an alternative war machine) stands around 90mm tall including the rock and the other two are around 75mm tall. They are based on 50mm squares. I seldom feel any need for blood on my miniatures but as the sculpt of the headless female victim has a gruesome stump of a former neck I reached for the GW blood. I have been short on time recently so these photos had to be rushed. In army list terms these are 190 points each and they are described as having small brains. The look of these brutes seems to really fit the description.

The Challenge has been awesome thanks to Michael Awdry as my Saturday Minion and of course the Curt as well for keeping us all challenged. Well done all of you who painted something and thank you to those who may not have painted but cheered us on through comments.

Cheers from Brendon.

From Byron:

Well, I have painted in some strange places and times while traveling for work, but I think you would have me (and every other painter on here) beat if you would have hauled out the brushed during the cyclone! Now that would have been a story to tell the kids!  "Back in my day, not even a cyclone could stop us from doing our hobbies, not like you young whipper snappers!"

In all seriousness though, glad you are ok, and these look really good.  Especially given that they were done in a rush, and given the large areas of flesh tone.  I always struggle with painting flesh and especially large areas of it, but I think you did extremely well with these.  The eyes also look good, you may be right on the fact that looking down may have been better, but I won't fault you for that as the eyes themselves look great!  I also really like the models themselves, they have a ton of character.

As for points, I am going to score them as a 28mm vehicle each and grant 15 points per as that seems to be the going rate for this size model, but will add a bonus 5 for the bigger one, just so you don't feel cheated (and since you were a fellow Saturday challenger!).

Awesome work Brendon.

From SamuliS: So close, yet so far (185 points)

With the night fast closing in here in Finland I've frantically tried to get my final entries finished. As I'm writing this the PVA glue is still drying on the bases and soon I'll have to resort to a hairdryer to speed things up so I can get to bed!

My rush to the finish got slightly sidetracked on the weekend with the aftermath of my little sisters wedding having a certain unplanned impact on my painting efforts. Alcohol may or may not have had something to do with it, but suffice to say not much painting got done, but at least I could watch plenty of NHL games from the previous night while lying on the sofa!

Still I did manage to add a few more units to my growing Saxon army. This time a normal line infantry regiment in the form of Regiment Niesemeuschel and then two artillery batteries from the second Saxon division. Same paint recipe as always with block painting, wash and reapplying colours. The flag is from GMB Designs. I've been using their flags for all my projects whenever they just have suitable ones. Really the best in the market in my opinion!

I also finally based two Skaven warriors that I had already painted up in late December. They were the paint test minis for my Skaven project and were waiting for their comrades. Just mainly wanted to see which would look better, skin or fur coloured body. I never got around to painting the 18 other Clanrats from their unit during the challenge so it was high time I put some groundwork on them and submitted the duo. As there will be over a hundred of these guys I want the basing scheme to be really simple. Hence I just threw on some Vallejo ground effects and pigments and covered most of the base with fallen leaves that I made with Green Stuff World leaf cutters that I got for christmas from the missus! Simple, but it works. On some rats I'll probably throw in some tufts as well, but these were really just quick and dirty versions to get them done.

This final entry consists of 19 AB infantry figures, 16 artillery crew and four 6pdr guns, which should give me 172 points and then the two clanrats for a further 10 points. This should put me at 950 points, which is just 50 points shy of my goal. Pretty good effort, but it was just too far!

Quite a few minis still left on the painting table in various states of readiness. I had two towns from Total Battle Miniatures almost complete as well as Chaos Terminator squad needing just about a days worth of work. A Dropfleet Commander civilian ship and some more Blood Bowl rats were also started at different points of the challenge, but never got too much paint on them. I should probably learn to finish a single project before picking up the next ;)

Finally thanks to Curt for organizing this wonderful event once again! And thanks to all the Minions who help alleviate our mighty Snowlords burden! This is my sixth time participating and I can tell you it's one of the high points of every hobby year! Wonderful fun seeing everyones entries and it really gets my painting mojo flowing. It's pretty amazing how much more you can get painted with some friendly competition going on!


From SidneyR (stand-in Minion):  Fantastic work on your final submission in Challenge VIII, Samuli !!!  Another really great haul of finely painted figures to bring up your rear guard action with great style.  Painting this carefully in the last minute rush takes great skill - and I love Regiment Niesemeuschel, complete with their attendant casualty base, standard and wonderful uniforms.

It's great to see the Clanrats again.  I think they always look mean, menacing and unpleasant (even when well-painted) and these two are no exception.

And, its also reassuring that I'm not the only Challenger with a host of unfinished and part-started projects at the end of the Challenge!  It happens every year, and - like you, and I guess everyone - I try and stay relaxed about it.  A bit like fisherman talking about the 'one that got away'!  

Another well deserved points haul for you, Samuli.  I've added three points for the standard and the fine basing on the Regiment Niesemeuschel and battery, bringing the points up to 185 for the submission.  Terrific work, and a wonderful Challenge from the great country of Finland.  Bravo, Sir!

JamesM: Finishing with a bang... (92 points)

Hi folks,

My final entry for this years challenge is the final batch of guns I had wanted to complete for my Germans. Yet another set of 88's!

These are Battlefront 15mm metal models. Two of which I picked up at a bring and buy and were missing some crew figures and other bits, so I've had to beg, borrow and steal from other sources.

First up, I've got two guns painted up for my 12th SS force. Again, some light conversion work with the crew figures to green stuff on some camo covers for their helmets and trim off some shoulder tabs here and there to make them more the SS style jackets. I've then gone for a similar mix of SS camo, reflecting the difficult supply situation (and the colder and wetter days) which seems to have meant the older (warmer) non camouflage uniforms were still in some demand. Otherwise these are the same gun crew models from the 2nd pair of guns:

Each gun has 5 crew figures, with an additional 'loading team' base of three figures. I've still ammo crates, loose shells and spent casings to add (as well as some detail to the crew figures) but I was running out of time! I did try and paint 3 varieties of camo again, although the 'pea dot' is looking quite similar to the 'plane tree'.

The next two guns are the same models, but painted up as Heer - support for my 89.Infanterie-Division troops. These I got from new, so they also have the additional trailer units, which count for nothing in game - but I like to have on the table anyway.

Again, 5 crew per gun with an additional loading team each of 3 men. I had time to add some ammo crates here, but I still have more details to add and touch ups to do...

For the purposes of the challenge, I'm calling these done!

Total figures: 32 (64 points total)
Total guns: 4 (16 points total)
Limbers: 2 (12 points - I think these should be pointed as vehicles - 4 wheels and bigger than most jeeps and trucks!)

That should, hopefully, take me over 1000 points, against a target of 700. These may also be my biggest entry of the challenge, points wise!

From Byron:

Having painted some of these years ago, I can attest to the size of the limbers and will happily grant you vehicle points for them.  The set really is a great little diorama set and you have done a very good job on them. I really like them in the dunklegelb colour as it really shows the details more than the German dark grey I did mine in.  Your basing is nice as well and gives good contrast to the figures.

Congratulations on a personal best points entry and a great challenge all around.

From MilesR: George Washington - Side Duel #4 with Martin C (10 points)

 My part of the side duel was to paint up George Washington and here he is.

This is a 28mm figure from Fife and Drum Miniatures.  They make some fantastic miniatures and I do have a few battalions of Hessians that will likely have to wait until Challenge IX to see pigment
 I went with a Spring theme for the basing.
And there you have it!

Another 10 points for the till


From SidneyR (stand-in Minion): Fantastic work, Miles! He really is a fantastic figure, painted with some lovely brushwork, and top-notch basing. I love how, with stately - even Presidential - grandeur, he's one of the final arrivals in your exemplary and awe-inspiring Challenge this year. And, I love the way you're already looking forward to Challenge IX - gosh, I think my painting fingers just spasm-ed at the thought!!

Great work, Sir - and another well-deserved 10 points for your mighty total. Bravo!

From NoelW: Seven hours from touchdown (396 points)

Time is slipping away, and with this post I've posted almost everything that's likely to be finished. Perhaps one small post to follow this one.

This is where I've been focusing most of my effort of late, as I've become quite excited by the return to 15mm, though I find I've not quite the skills I used to have, so some of the painting is a little - um - flawed. Or "creative". Let's call it "creative".

Here's the offering: 30 French grenadiers and 77 French cavalry.

Which breaks down into:


Heavy cavalry:

And light cavalry, consisting of hussars (Bercheny's in this case)

and dragoons:

Finally, there are a few cannon to support the troops, probably for use in fortifications, or maybe aboard ship, left over from those I posted about a month ago:

No crew for these, as yet, which makes them rather useless. They're on the shopping list.

Pointswise that's 30 15mm inf @ 2 = 60, 77 cav @ 4 = 308 and 7 guns @ 4 = 28

Total: 396 points.


From SidneyR (stand-in Minion):  

Wow....and I mean ....WOW.  Noel, this really is a last minute, quite remarkable paint-bomb to drop into the Challenge.  When I look at the top of our beloved "Points Summary", I can only marvel at the output of you and the other Paint Demons in the higher places.  But to produce so much, of such quality, at the eleventh hour - well, it's wonderful, and deeply inspiring.

This is indeed a splendid submission.  I don't know what you mean about "creative", becuase these formations would grace any wargames table I have seen.  I love the variety you've managed to paint as well - everything from steady Grenadiers, to galloping hussars and fearsome artillery.  Really fine work, and a well-deserved 396 points (gosh!) to add to your magnificent total.  Awesome work, Sir - we salute you!

From ValeryN Soviet tanks (18 pts)

Greetings to all!

Last time I almost did not post messages here. Alas, the work swallowed me up. But I still made an effort and painted three tanks to cross the line of 1500 points.

Thanks to everyone who has been with us these three amazing months!


From SidneyR (stand-in Minion) - Yet more fantastic work, Narval! Well done again - these are a perfect final post - beautifully finished, fitting perfectly with your many other great submissions in this Challenge.

Your output over these three months, and your friendship and contribution to the Challenge has been wonderful. I can only hope we will all see so much more of your splendid collection as your forces grace your wargames table. Another well-deserved 18 points here, and huge congratulations on making the 1,500 points line!

From ByronM - 30k and 40k Deathguard (120 points )

I had plans this year to get a lot more of my 30k Death Guard done and then never did.  I have several vehicles and a pile of infantry sitting here primed waiting, but ran out of time.

I did manage to complete 2 additional infantry units right at the buzzer to add to my force, but there is so much more that will just have to sit and wait until next year.
The first unit is a unit of Death Guard heavy infantry with Volkite Culverns.  The volkite weapons are essentially martian death rays and cause deflagration (more wounds caused for every initial wound caused) and considering that each gun has 4 strength 6 attacks, it sounds insanely powerful!  However, in actual use they don't do that much as in 30k it is mostly marine on marine fights and the guns don't negate marine armour, so realistically they don't do that much....  But man the idea and thought is cool, and the guns look AWESOME, so I had to do a unit.
Next up, is a simple unit of 10 Death Guard infantry with bolt guns.  Nothing fancy, but this gives me a fourth unit of 10 of them, so only about 6 more units to go....

Next up is a 40k Death Guard Forgefiend, well actually just a Chaos Nurgle Forgefiend as Death Guard are no longer allowed to take them as Death Guard units, but that's just typical silly GW semantics.

This guy has been heavily modified from the base model so that it fits in with my other Death Guard vehicles and monsters.

Here is what a real one looks like:

Here is mine while being modified with green stuff, and please note I got this as a used model from a friend, hence the red paint job underneath all the greenstuff:

Here are more pictures of the forgefiend along with some of the other models from my 40k Death Guard army for both scale and to show how he fits in with "Blinky" my dreadnought, and "Fat man running" my favourite Death Guard marine.

Oh, and just because I usually play with Greg and Dallas and they DESPISE all the skulls, tentacles, and spikes on Chaos models, I made sure that in addition to all the tentacles on this guy, I based him on a base that is all skulls.  I can just imagine Greg starting to twitch already :-)

I have one more small post later, but wow it has this been a trip this year....

From DaveD guest minion. Byron you continue to treat us with these. The forgefiend certainly looks the part - another 120 to add to your points

From NoelW: Counting Down (365 points)

This may look like a bad photo of Bigfoot, but it's actually a good photo of a bear. Good, that is, compared with the other three photos I took. I can only imagine that I painted it so well that it's actually alive and kept moving whenever I tried to pin its soul to an image. It's a Reaper figure.

I decided to paint it on a whim, largely because I'm not sure I'll be able to bear life in twenty four hours time. No Challenge?! What will I do with my time? 

About a week ago I picked up some Warlord French very cheaply, even though I knew I'd never get round to painting them. So, to prove how wrong I generally am about myself, here they are:

Just 24 figures in greatcoats to augment existing forces. They're really intended for the 100 days, but these'll find themselves in the Peninsular, too.

And talking of which, here's the final post of my ECW figures. When I began the challenge, I had 6 painted ECW dragoons and a preacher. With these 24 cavalry, I've now something like 64 cavalry, 2 guns and 250 foot. (A proper audit needs to be done, clearly). If nothing else, the Challenge has taken me from a nonexistent ECW collection to a force well worth gaming with. 

I painted them as three troops of 8. A blue troop:

a green troop:

and a red:

It's not that historical to distinguish cavalry like this, nor to have troops entirely uniform, but it's by far the best way for identifying units in games. I'm going to mix and match as a general rule, but want to be able to have identifiable troops when needed, which particularly may happen in big games.

The ECW figs, like the French, are Warlord. 

24 infantry @ 5 pts = 120, 24 cavalry @ 10 pts = 240, and an out of focus bear @ 5: Total: 365 pts

From Byron: 

All I can say is WOW!  With my zombie bomb, I thought I might get close to the top trio, but you guys are all certifiable!  Don't worry, that is a compliment around here!  I just don't understand how you guys turn out so much painting so fast.  Let alone how you assembled and cleaned a unit of Napoleonics and then painted them in a week!  In the end though you certainly have added a sizable amount added to several factions and that is a huge accomplishment!

As for the bear and what to do with your time after the challenge.... Can I suggest maybe a late winter hibernation for yourself, Miles, and Kent?  I doubt you slept much so far this year, you may as well catch up before summer hits!

All kidding aside, you completed a great challenge this year Noel!  Great work and congratulations on a huge amount of figures out of your pile-o-shame (what we call our unpainted figures).